6 mistakes that make losing weight ineffective

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6 mistakes that make losing weight ineffective

Losing weight has many factors that will make us lose weight effectively and have a positive effect on the body. Some say it’s not difficult if you have discipline. But if you’ve tried to discipline yourself to the utmost but still haven’t been able to lose weight, This may be because there is still incorrect understanding about weight loss.

Dr. Thidakarn Ruchipattanakul or Dr. Ping, expert in skin and anti-aging medicine. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital talks about issues that people often overlook or misunderstand about losing weight in the Single Being Podcast as follows at สมัคร ufabet

6 mistakes that make losing weight ineffective

  1. I’ve exercised. You can eat anything.

Mistakes that exercisers often overlook. It is the thought that exercising has burned a lot of energy in the body. You can eat the food you want without making you fat, which is incorrect. Exercise even though it burns more energy from the body than normal. But if the amount of energy lost is not as much as the food eaten after exercising, It makes us get more energy from food. For example, running uses energy at 800-1000 kilocalories/hour. If you run for 1 hour but eat chicken rice, 600 kilocalories, plus a glass of bubble milk tea, 360 kilocalories, that means The way you run does not reduce energy from your body in any way. Because it was completely filled with food that was eaten afterward, etc.

  1. Focus on cardio Refusal to weight training

Many people understand that if they want to exercise to lose weight, The emphasis should be on cardio exercise. It is exercise that makes the heart feel tired, such as running, swimming, cycling, etc. But actually, it is an exercise that will help you lose weight. and faster It is both cardio and exercise. and weight training together Weight training will give your body stronger muscles to perform cardio exercises more effectively. Therefore, weight training exercises are equally necessary for weight loss.

  1. Reduce only flour-sugar But it doesn’t reduce sodium.

In addition to consuming sodium, it can cause the body to edema. Eating foods that are high in sodium It may also be another reason why we don’t succeed in losing weight. Because sodium makes your appetite increase even more. So instead of paying attention to reducing the amount of flour and sugar. or just carbohydrates Therefore, you should reduce foods that are high in sodium as well. This means trying to reduce cooking salty, spicy food, including foods that are high in fat.

  1. counting calories But don’t look at the quality of the food.

Quality is the “quality” of food. Many people focus on the number of calories they see in numbers rather than the quality of the food they eat, such as eating good flour. is to choose flours that are complex carbohydrates, such as whole wheat bread or brown rice, rather than white bread or white rice, even though the number of calories is similar. But the benefits received are different. Including good protein, which is skinless chicken meat. fish meat without skin And good fat is fat that comes from olive oil. than animal fat, etc.

  1. Forgetting to pay attention to bacteria in the intestines

Did you know that the intestines contain bacteria that are good for our body? Many thin people have more “skinny-inducing” bacteria, or prebiotics, than fat people. Therefore, we pay attention to choosing foods that help increase the number of slimming bacteria, including foods that are high in dietary fiber. Pungent vegetables and whole grains, as well as probiotic bacteria such as yogurt and kimchi, etc.

  1. IF is at the wrong time, not suitable for your own life.

A time to do IF (Intermittent Fasting) that suits your lifestyle. is the best time for each person Which may not be the exact same time. That is, if you are a night owl and wake up late. You may choose to skip breakfast. Can eat only lunch and dinner. Or maybe you are a very early riser. I chose to eat breakfast and lunch. Then skip dinner instead. However, the appropriate time according to your body clock is to eat breakfast and lunch and skip dinner. But if this time is not suitable for your own life It should be adjusted accordingly. Choosing a time that is not suitable for yourself causing suffering in fasting And besides losing weight, it’s not effective. It may also have negative effects on the body.