6 ways to control your diet How to eat to lose weight sustainably 

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6 ways to control your diet How to eat to lose weight sustainably Don’t waste time coming back to reduce again.

There are many healthy habits that can help you lose weight, such as eating more vegetables. Getting enough protein Keep a food diary and move your body more 

     On the other hand, there are some habits that prevent us from successfully losing weight, such as mindless eating. Eating food when stressed and drinking high-calorie beverages, etc. But besides this, there are also some habits that we should adopt. To be able to lose weight sustainably and without having to waste time coming back to lose weight again. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

6 ways to control your diet How to eat to lose weight sustainably

1. Look at nutrients rather than counting calories.

     When we eat food, various reactions occur. There’s a lot in the body. The fact that we focus on losing weight by only looking at calorie numbers without paying any attention to nutrients may be one of the reasons why we are not successful in losing weight.

2. Do not skip dinner or fast.

     Losing weight is not the same as dieting. Of course, correct weight loss involves controlling the amount of food properly, but it is not about mindless dieting. Because if we fast, a Calorie Deficit will occur, which is an energy deficit or energy that has been cut down too much. The result is that our body will fight back by telling us to be hungrier than before, causing us to become stressed. Which when we are stressed, we will want to eat even more. And in the end, losing weight will be so unsuccessful that you will have to start over.

3. Know how to control the amount.

     How much quantity is enough? Simply put, let us try to observe ourselves first. If we eat completely, we will rate our fullness at 10 points. Next time, let us reduce our fullness to just 8 out of 10. How can we do this? That is, try to eat slowly, chew slowly, and try to catch your feelings. The next thing is not eating and talking. Eat and watch TV Or look at your cell phone while eating. This will allow us to receive fullness signals more quickly.

4. Don’t let yourself be very hungry.

     If you let your stomach be very hungry It may cause us to make wrong food choices. As we all know, people who want to lose weight should eat complex flour, good protein, and should not eat sugar or white flour. But some people who let themselves be extremely hungry may become so dizzy that they eat calorie-laden foods. Foods that are high in energy but do not provide enough good nutrients to the body.

5. Choose good food.

     We should understand key nutrients so that we can choose what to eat to lose weight. such as starch or carbohydrates Some dieters may think that it is poor nutrition. But in reality Flour includes both complex flour and white flour. People who are losing weight should focus on complex starches such as brown rice, whole wheat, and root vegetables, while protein includes both good protein and bad protein. People losing weight should focus on good protein such as fish, eggs, tofu, beans, chicken, and fat as well. Many people who lose weight understand that if they are in the process of losing weight, they must not eat fat. Many recent studies have found that actually just choosing to eat good fats such as olive oil and avocado will help you feel full for a long time. Helps nourish the body in many ways, including the skin.

6. Proportion food

     Simply imagine that for one meal we have 1 round plate. The proportion of food that we can share. That is, the area of ​​complex starches such as brown rice is 1/4 part of the area, good protein such as fish and lean meat is 1 part, and the remaining half is the area of ​​vegetables and fruits. If we average it throughout the day, we will remember it easily. So you should eat 3 handfuls of vegetables and 2 handfuls of fruits.