Get to know 5 body shapes with tips dressing your body type.

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Get to know 5 body shapes with tips on dressing to suit your body type.

If we often ask ourselves, “What kind of body type am I?” That means you’re on the right track. Because we will give you a thorough understanding of different body shapes and how to dress accordingly. Because sometimes when going shopping. Then we choose an outfit to try on to see if it fits us or not. But then I was disappointed. But if you know your own shape The structure of the body itself is truly Wearing your favorite outfit will instantly become a reality. And this is a technique for dressing according to your body shape. Reda here ทางเข้า ufabet

Techniques for dressing according to your body shape

1. Apple shape

If your upper body is larger than your lower body, People with this body type tend to have broader shoulders and a larger chest. Which is why it feels like all the weight is concentrated in the abdominal area. In general, people with an apple-shaped body tend to have more fat in their abdomen than other areas, which can have negative effects on their health, such as increasing their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

2. Hourglass shape

This body type is the most balanced of all body types. Because the upper and lower parts of the body are proportional. and has a clear waist So when you choose to buy a dress. You should choose an outfit that enhances those features for you. An hourglass figure is one that everyone will envy, so flaunt it with confidence in the right way.

3. Pear shape

A pear shape is a body shape in which the hips and thighs are larger than the upper part of the body. This shape is very popular today. Because it has beautiful curves. If you have a pear shaped body shape You should choose pants that fit your hips and thighs. And avoid pants that are too tight or too loose. Pants that are suitable for a pear-shaped figure include:

4. Rectangular shape

A rectangular body shape is one in which the top and bottom of the body are the same width. This body type doesn’t have many curves. make it look simple If you have a rectangular shape You can emphasize your shoulders and hips to give your figure more dimension.

Dressing tips for rectangular body types

  • Choose clothes that emphasize your shoulders and hips, such as V-neck shirts and shirts with shoulder details. or A-line pants
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose.
  • Wear a belt around your waist to emphasize your waist.
  • Wear clothing with patterns or colors to draw attention to your shoulders and hips.

5.Inverted triangle shape

The inverted triangle shape is the most athletic shape. Your shoulders are much wider than your hips, so you want to emphasize your arms and shoulders as much as possible.

Dressing tips for an inverted triangle body type

  • Choose clothes that emphasize the hips and legs, such as A-line pants, A-line skirts, or tapered skirts.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that have a lot of details around the shoulders, such as shirts with bows or ruffles on the shoulders.
  • Wear a waist belt to accentuate your waist and make your figure look more proportional.
  • Wear clothing with patterns or colors on the hips and legs to draw attention to those areas.