Solve your doubts! Differences between the common cold with influenza

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Solve your doubts! Differences between the common cold with influenza

Everyone has probably had the flu at some point. But not everyone will ever have the flu. Plus, the flu is many times more dangerous. In addition to having more severe symptoms It’s harder to recover. There are still new strains of influenza. that could take someone’s life at any time So when will we know that we have the common cold? Or we have the flu When can we buy medicine to take ourselves? When do we just have to see a doctor. ufabet has an easy way to check for you.

1. Fever

low-grade fever. Take fever-reducing medicine for 1-2 days and it will go away and the fever won’t come back again.

Influenza – High fever that lasts more than 3-4 days. Fever reduces only when taking fever-reducing medicine.

2. Headache

may cause a slight headache. Or there may be no pain at all.

Influenza – may cause more headaches than usual.

3. Body aches

slight body aches and pains

Influenza – severe body aches

4. Tired

Common cold – slight fatigue And it doesn’t take long, just 1-2 days.

Influenza – extreme fatigue, symptoms may last for weeks.

5. Cough

Common cold – not much cough, dry cough

Influenza – heavy coughing, frequent coughing, and thick mucus.

6. Snot

mucus is clear, liquid, or may not contain mucus.

Influenza – thick, sticky mucus

7. Sore throat

A sore throat is often found in the early days of the disease.

Influenza – You may not experience a sore throat. or found very rarely

However, the way to avoid flu symptoms of any type is to maintain a healthy body at all times. Eat nutritious food (Especially foods high in vitamin C) Exercise regularly. and get enough rest Now your life can be easily avoided from the flu.