What kind of “exercise” does it burn? How much energy does it burn?

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What kind of “exercise” does it burn? How much energy does it burn?

Have you ever felt that many things The times we go to exercise Play heavy sports Hopefully it will burn off some energy. and remove some of the excess fat But the fat guy who secretly came and stayed still. The waistline will still be stubborn. Refusing to hide away despite the activities we do strenuous exercise It should be possible to burn off a lot of energy. Let’s take a look at the sports at ยูฟ่าเบท we play. with each type of exercise How do they help burn energy?

What kind of “exercise” does it burn? How much energy does it burn?


Playing a round of golf for approximately 1 hour will burn approximately 250 kilocalories of energy, which appears to be less than walking.


If you walk continuously for about 1 hour, you will burn approximately 325 kilocalories of energy, similar to playing badminton.


If we play badminton for about 1 hour, we will burn approximately 350-400 kilocalories.


Exercise that burns energy very well. Including aerobic dancing That will burn approximately 500-600 kilocalories of energy. 


Jogging burns approximately 600-700 kilocalories. 

ride a bike

cycling At a speed of approximately 20 km per hour, it burns approximately 700 kilos of calories.


Swimming at a speed of approximately 3 km. per hour burns approximately 850 kilocalories of energy from approximately 1 hour of exercise.

Let’s look at it as an example. It can be seen that is the most effective in terms of burning energy. is exercise that is not heavy Don’t focus on moving quickly. But it focuses on continuous movement of many parts of the body. Anyone who is looking for activities to get rid of excess fat. or are planning to lose weight It’s probably enough to see some directions. 

HIIT exercise that helps burn more energy than usual.

And from the information that has been shared, it probably makes many people think of exercising in the form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which is dividing into short periods. Alternate between exercising at maximum speed. and at a moderate pace They will do it in alternating sets.

Advantages of HIIT exercise

Advantages of exercising in this way In addition to stimulating the heart to work. and stronger now It is also a way to burn energy that gives full results. within a shorter period of time Moreover, HIIT exercises can also be used with cardio equipment. All types available in the fitness center and can also be done with other types of such as running.

Okay, now we have enough information. Let’s start taking care of our health. Change your clothes, pick up your shoes, and get ready to exercise.