Angel Di Maria asks to play in Europe for another season after leave PSG.

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Angel Di Maria veteran Argentine winger Plan to play football in the European league for one more season. Before move back to play in the home league after.

Angel Di Maria is out of contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Agency in the French Ligue after this season. And still no sign of a new contract due to the age of 34 years. The Argentine winger admits that the 2022 World Cup at the end of this year. UFABET This is the main reason why he wants to continue playing in the European League. 

And has received interest from Juventus, the Serie A team. Then will follow the original plan is to move back to play in the home league. “My idea is to stay in Europe for another year. So that I can go to the World Cup in the best physical condition possible. If i was summoned. Then I will go back to Argentina.””I don’t know if PSG want me to stay, if not I will look at the possibility with other teams in Europe,” Di Maria told Argentine radio station Todo Pasa.

Angel Di Maria. 

Begin his career in football for the first time in 1991-1992 with the youth club Torito, after which he moved into the team. Rosario Central in 1992-2005 for 13 years   and developed a step up to play in a professional club with Rosario Central in 2005-2007   , playing with the team for two years.

After which he moved to the Portuguese league with Benfica in 2007-2010, 2010-2014 has moved across the league again. who played in the Spanish La Liga with Real Madrid for 3 years, playing more than 124 times, in 2014-2015, he moved the league to play again. By playing in the Premier League with Manchester United in 2015, playing in the French Ligue 1 with the club Paris Saint-Germain. until now which has played more than 85 times