Arsenal fans that they must perform daily spells to win the league 2023.

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Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher has advised Arsenal fans that they must perform daily spells. To achieve a miracle if hoping to win the English Premier League 2022-23. Because the situation at this time has already been lost.

‘Cannon’, Southampton 3-3 yesterday, is still the leader of the crowd with 75 points. But only 5 points ahead of Manchester City but has played two more games. There will also be a duel queue directly at the Etihad Stadium. 

Head coach Mikel Arteta’s inexperienced side are in a panic as they’ve dropped six points in their last three games. So Carra thinks just not producing enough on the pitch. Requires special power from sacred things to support again.

Said the former Liverpool defender. 

“Not sure if the points that Arsenal stock up with a distance of 5 points will be enough. Not confident either. ”

“They have to go to Man City and snatch three points if they are still hoping to fly away to win the league.” UFABET

“The position is in Arsenal’s hands, we can say that. But how long can it be?” 

“They’ve dropped six points in the last three games. But not the champion slipped out of hand. 

“They used to have a lot of points. But at this point, something must be done to create a miracle from now until the end of the season.” 

“We have seen Arsenal having a winning streak. Looking back after losing to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.”

“The form that day was disappointing. But they can win the next 7 matches.”

“The situation is similar. The last 6 games are left, just go through and do something special during this time. Until the end of the way for the desired championship.” 

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