Manchester United might get the fourth new player

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Manchester United is possible to get the new player. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manager of Manchester United has spoken of giving the Red Army hopes that they will get a fourth new player to help them hunt for the title in the summer of 2021.

‘ Red Devils ‘ hit new three markets around the goalkeeper Tom Heaton free agent , wings mighty Jay Don Sancho from Dortmund. Now It is close to launching Raphael the store. World champion centre-back from Real Madrid.  

Recently, the Norwegian boss has been spinning through Sky Sports. Almost three weeks before the market closes, there may be another surprise to be happy.

” You never know in advance just what will happen in football ,” BossSoul teacrab matter. 

“ We have one player on the horizon ( Rafael Varane on Thursday local ) and there may be someone who is beyond expectation. Everything is possible. ” 

“ Just be prepared. But for now, I am satisfied with what we have done. ” 

“ Personally, I don’t want to think about anything more than the existing young people. If you want to be the best team. It has to live the best life to create success. ”

The positions United are looking for in the news are diverse. It is including right-back , midfield, and striker