Sabitzer hopes to bring cup luck to help Devils win another FA title.

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Manchester United midfielder Marcel Sabitzer has revealed he was blown away by the cup-winning experience. Therefore, hoping to bring this strength to support the current agency, paving the way through Brighton in the FA Cup semi-finals (April 23), to hunt for honor in the 13th time

Sabitzer borrowed from Bayern Munich last January market. From the history of winning the Austrian Cup under the uniform of Red Bull Salzburg in 2015, the German Super Cup 2022 as ‘Southern Tigers’ and the Carabao Cup 2023 with United. 

Therefore, intending to make a hand to pass around the rope to return to Wembley Stadium Hunt for the FA Cup for the ‘Red Devils’ again after missing since 2016 UFABET

“Domestic cup competitions are always a great experience. Like when playing in Germany,” opening his mouth through the official website. 

“I know how valuable it is. It’s important to the club and the fans. So we are looking forward to the games coming through to the final.”

“Football is knocked out, it’s special, it feels good and we all love that kind of competition. Just as I learned that I want to go to the finals.” 

“We will give our best and want to hunt for the title.” 

“The atmosphere at Wembley Stadium was great. its size is big That is my favorite thing.” 

“It would be great to win at Wembley Stadium again, that’s our intention.” 

“Want to enter the finals And the winner of the match, but I know that Brighton is a tough opponent, full of quality. It will be a difficult game but will do the homework.  

Asian Handicap Game at Wembley Stadium Brighton n.p.p. – 5 , total score of two and a half triples